Raiding Format

  • Dedicated & consistent Raid Leaders
  • Team atmosphere & contribution 
  • Progression: Mon & Tue 7-10pm (CST) 
  • Alt/Fun Run: Sat 6:30-8:30pm (CST) 

 Raid Loot

  • Progression and current content -> Suicide Kings
  • End of xpac farm runs -> /roll or personal loot



Raid Leaders

  • Speak with respect and look after the entire team
  • ALWAYS come prepared knowing the fights inside out with a game plan in mind
  • Adjust common strategies for the team comp, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Improvise during the raid
  • Bring carts and banquets to share



  • Take great pride in knowing their class inside out
  • Focus on their main ensuring that their gear continues to improve from week to week
  • Are fully geared with the best possible enchants, gems, and consumables
  • Come prepared to raids with in depth knowledge of the encounter
  • Arrive on time and don't let their team mates down with last minute cancellations
  • Update their availability if they know they can't make it
  • Mentor guild mates helping them become better players and raiders if they so aspire
  • Review post raid logs and contribute to raid reviews EVERY week to ensure improvement
  • Contribute to the raid team: herbs, gems, banquets, gold... something.