Rendition is all about having fun!  World of Warcraft is only a game after all.

Members are a mix of advanced and casual players dedicated to maintaining Rendition's laid back, drama-free atmosphere with inviting members that value high quality game time.  Members enjoy the game in various ways including raiding, PvP, xmog runs, levelling alts and most other aspects of the game. There is only one overarching rule:


  • other’s individuality
  • other’s time
  • other’s opinions
  • other’s privacy
  • the guild culture 


There are no definite prerequisites to joining Rendition, and as such we enjoy a very simple rank system:

Member:  When you join Rendition you are immediately awarded the rank of Member. You gain access to all that Rendition has to offer with full access to the Guild Vault, repairs, etc. You have full access and are always welcome in all official guild activities. As a Member, you join a group of people that always speak with humble pride and call Rendition home. Members and officers are committed to having fun and to the people in the guild. If you have several toons at any level that you'd like to bring over, feel free to do so. You'll be asked to choose which one you'd like to be "known" by (your main). The rest will be assigned "Alt" status, but will enjoy similar benefits.

Raider:  The Raider rank is a way for players to clearly find other guild members that have worked hard on their skills, gear, and proficiency so they can enjoy high end content. This is NOT intended to be a promotion. This rank does not guarantee official guild event spots but does come with some perks. You MAY be given this rank when you reach the appropriate gear level AND the Officers feel that you have attained the appropriate level of proficiency in being competitive in current content. Players who sign up, attend raids, and come prepared are given this rank but must continue to earn its keep in the same fashion. It is a way of organizing members who are interested in experiencing high end content on a regular basis. We find that the more prepared our raiders are, the more fun we have completing content.