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US Alliance - Dawnbringer

Established in 2011, Rendition members enjoy a unique balance of raiding and social atmosphere whether in raiding current content or casual play.

Raiding with Rendition offers a variety of progression raiding for the more serious players as well as advanced casual raiding in a structured, yet supportive, environment.  Raiders contribute to the team’s continued improvement via self-assessments and active participation on the guild’s web site.  They are, in return, rewarded with a first rate, inclusive raiding experience.

With success in Heroic WoD, Rendition has placed it’s focus on guild progression in Legion.  Many of our members have raided together through various expansions, on many realms, and have collectively decided to make Dawnbringer our home with anticipation of building an amazing team filled with many talented players.  We would like you to join us! 

We are currently running one raid team and recruiting like minded players to increase our roster for Mythic Mode.

  1. Our progression team runs Mondays & Tuesdays from 7-10pm CST (Server Time) for our structured progression raiders looking to join us for Heroic & Mythic content. 
  2. We do run an alt/fun night on Saturdays from 6:30-8:30pm CST (Server Time).  All are welcome to join whether it be new players, casual raiders, or those looking to gear up an alt and share their experience with others.
Successful candidates:
    • are committed to continually improving their performance
    • learn from successes and mistakes alike
    • know their class thoroughly and use it to their full potential
    • openly discuss their challenges and seek help
    • won’t settle for mediocrity
    • show up to raids prepared, on time, and stay the duration
    • raid because they enjoy raiding
    • are balanced in their approach to raiding
    • don’t take themselves too seriously
    • maintain a good sense of humor 
For the casual player Rendition offers a laid back, drama-free social atmosphere with inviting members that value high quality game time.
All applicants are invited to tell us a little about themselves by clicking on "Apply to Guild".